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Washington Redskins: Passion isn’t your problem, being a rational human being is.

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, (5-6) Tony Dungy: First Black Coach to Win a Super Bowl… , (7-8) Free Range Kids" with Lenore Skenazy July 3, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-4) Mc Collough on 1776, (5) The 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson, and Dave Matthews At 4th of July Naturalization Ceremony, (6-7) Alexandra Pelosi's Citizen USA, (8) The Frank Capra and Freedom Day: Naturalization Ceremony June 28, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-2) You've Never Been to a Coffee Shop Like This!

, (3) The Founding Father That Won't Have A Musical, (4) The Life Of Helen Keller, (5-8) Brett Favre's Incredible NFL Hall Of Fame Speech June 27, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-4) Time For A Roadtrip!

, (5) Judge Judy: The Case of the Deadbeat Dad, (6-7) "I Planned My Wedding in 5 Days.... , (7-8) At 2-Years-Old, She Supported Her Family...

You Could, Too", (8) Where is the Honor in Honor Killing? June 22, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-4) The Greatest Sports Moment Of The 20th Century! (The Judy Garland Story) June 21, 2017 Listen | Download (Segment 1) This Day In Music History!

The Indians, (4) A Little Small Talk Brings Big Benefits, (5-8) Walter Raineri: A Man Goes Blind As An Adult And Then Takes Up Sailing August 4, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-2) George Custer Vs Sitting Bull: Sioux Shock The World at Little Bighorn! Goldberg on Unbelievable Shark Tank Pitches, (3-4) Dr.By the close of the Paleoindian Period, around 9000 or 8000 B. C.), however, did southern pine communities and extensive riverine cypress swamps begin to emerge in the Coastal Plain. The three major subperiods presumably coincide with human populations, those who initially explored and settled the region (Early Paleoindian), established regional population concentrations and cultural variants (Middle Paleoindian), and finally, adapted to modern conditions (Late Paleoindian).C., sea level was within a few meters of its present elevation, and climate and biota approached modern conditions. Most likely, Paleoindians moved over large areas, on foot or by water, in small bands of twenty-five to fifty people.Pietrantonio: Mental Health Centers are Bursting with College Students, (5-8) Operation: Wrath Of God (Israel's Revenge Hit-List) August 1, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-4) MTV Changed The World On This Day..., (2-4) Government Stealing Private Property in Texas, (5-7) Communists Took Everything... , (8) Story of A Song: "I Surrender All" July 31, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-4) Ahmet Ertegun: The Man Behind The Music... , (7-8) Marriage on the Mind: Mommy Vacations July 20, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-4) Jesse's Investigation For Robert Johnson's Crossroads, (5-6) Why Am I Different?From Aretha to Zeppelin, (5-7) William Wilberforce: The Hero Who Ended The Slave Trade, (8) The REAL Story of the USS Indianapolis July 28, 2017 Listen | Download [BEST OF SHOW] (Segment 1) Lost Wallet Story, Sylvester Stallone on Rocky, (2) Arnold Palmer memorial (grandson, Vince Gill); John Yast buying lunch for cops, (3) Shahid Khan first job; Gimme Shelter; Sal Giunta Medal of Honor, (4) Sleeping Ole Miss athlete; There Goes My Life, (5) Shower Thoughts; Letter to My Heroin Addict Daughter, (6) Bitty and Beau's Coffee; Billy Joel Lullaby, (7) Ashton Kutcher first job; Louis Zamperini; Stop Being a Butthole Wife, (8) Mascot lap dance; Kitty Sargent; Robert Plant July 25, 2017 Listen | Download (Segments 1-3) Fred Smith: How One Marine Created Fed Ex, (4) Caddyshack Released, 1980, (5-8) Interview with Kerry Cronin: When A Professor Confronts Students And Their Hook-Up Culture... (Jonathan Puckett Genealogy), (7-8) The Top 10 Sodas In The Universe!!We have several that date from the 19th Century known as the "Popo" type. Very fine............................., 8.5" X 14", pre-printed and filled in. The bill of sale for REBECCA AND HERCULES for the sum of 0 to Dr. While photographs of black servants holding white children are often seen on the market and very desirable, this type of photograph is very rare to say the least.