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Katz has many critics, who believe that she is giving terrorists a bigger platform than they would otherwise have, and that the certainty and obsession that make her a dedicated archivist also make her too eager to find plots where they don’t exist; she publicized a manual for using botulinum in terror attacks, for example, which experts later concluded was not linked to any serious threat.

It’s possible that her immersion in the world of terrorism has removed whatever skepticism or doubts she may have had. More fundamentally, some people involved in counterterrorism do not think that a private group with limited resources can do as good or as prudent a job as government agencies can. alone had thousands of hours of untranslated intercepts.) Indeed, Katz has received outsourcing contracts from the government.

Several weeks later, his friends will post a report of the young man blowing himself up. When she has guests for dinner, she leaves a laptop open on the kitchen counter, so she can check for updates. “You wake up thinking, I’ve been offline for seven hours, but the terrorists have been making plans.”Traditionally, intelligence has been filtered through government agencies, such as the C. Katz’s client list includes people in the government who are presumably frustrated by how long it takes to get information through official channels; it also includes people in corporate security and in the media, who rarely get much useful material from the C. “You’re thrown into Baghdad, and there are a million different groups out there you’ve never heard of claiming responsibility for attacks,” Robert Worth, a reporter who used Katz’s service during the eighteen months he spent in Iraq, told me.

“Rita really knows what she’s talking about—who’s responsible for attacks, what’s a legitimate terrorist organization and what’s not.” Because many reporters rebroadcast her information, it can reach the public before people in the government have had a chance to evaluate it; her organization’s work is cited in the about twice a month.

I had the chance to obtain a high level of education from professional doctors. more Growing up in Syria, I have always wanted to study engineering, specifically related to satellites and outer space applications.

After graduating from Al-Basel high school for honored students in 2008, ...

After that, I worked as a network engineer in the Lebanese company CCT. more After my graduation from Arab International University in 2010 as a pharmacist, I worked for two years in pharmaceutical industry, namely Orient Pharma.

Katz, however, pointed out that, for example, the professionals consistently missed signals about Al Qaeda before September 11, 2001, and said that she was simply filling a gap. But in the past few years that has changed, in large measure because of changes in the way terror networks operate.

She sometimes telephones people she hasn’t met—important people in the government—to tell them things that she thinks they ought to know. Katz, who was born in Iraq and speaks fluent Arabic, spends hours each day monitoring the password-protected online chat rooms in which Islamic terrorists discuss politics and trade tips: how to disperse botulinum toxin or transfer funds, which suicide vests work best. Katz, who is the head of an organization called the Search for International Terrorist Entities, or Institute, has made it her business to upset that monopoly.

She keeps copies of letters from officials whose investigations into terrorism she has assisted. Occasionally, a chat-room member will announce that he is turning in his user name and password and going to Iraq to become a martyr, a . She and her researchers mine online sources for intelligence, which her staff translates and sends out by e-mail to a list of about a hundred subscribers. She has worked with prosecutors on more than a dozen terrorism investigations, and many American officers in Iraq rely on Katz’s e-mails to, for example, brief their troops on the designs for explosives that are passed around terrorist Web sites.

“Nearly everything about Al Qaeda that matters is happening online right now,” Peter Bergen, a journalist and terrorism expert, said.

I studied Pharmacy at the Arab International University (AIU) and graduated with a very good GPA with the first graduating class (Aljalaa Class) in summer, 2010. more In 2005 my dream came true and I became pharmacy student at the AIU, where I spent the best 5 years of my life .