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• , of Congo Brazzaville, Florent Ntsiba, has released a communique stating that Friday, July 17, 2015, had been declared a non-working public holiday throughout the Republic of the Congo (Congo Brazzaville) on account of the upcoming Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan).
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The discovery in Kenya of a remarkably complete fossil ape skull reveals what the common ancestor of all living apes and humans may have looked like.The find, announced in the scientific journal Nature on August 10th, belongs ...The finding made during various archaeological investigations often adds new dimensions to already known facts of the past.Recovery and analysis of remains obtained from excavation sites is the primary duty of all archaeologists irrespective of their field of specialization.“An ancient frozen body has to be one of the most valuable things on Earth,” said Johan Reinhard, an archaeologist working then with National Geographic. Geotimes reported on another find, from August 1999, when three sheep hunters in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park in northern British Columbia came across a well-preserved 500- to 600-year human body minus the head poking out of the ice at the foot of a glacier.With the body were hunting tools, a hat, a fur robe and a pouch of dried salmon preserved.They are certainly among the most fascinating monsters of the South African prehistoric ...

When something lays on the ground day after day, year after year, leaves fall on it, dust blows, and little by little it slowly gets covered up. All over the world as glaciers melt and recede, archaeologists and hikers are finding artifacts and remains of humans and animals from hundreds or thousands of years ago.The topic is so prevalent that Equinox Publishing has established the online Journal of Glacial Archaeology , which will report on archaeological discoveries from glacial, permafrost, polar and high‐altitude frozen contexts around the world.Before an archaeologist conducts a dig, they do lots of research to determine where they might start.First, archaeologists know that people need certain things to help them stay alive.Ancient DNA used to track the mass exodus of Ancestral Pueblo people from Colorado's Mesa Verde region in the late 13th century indicates many wound up in the Northern Rio Grande area north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, inhabited ...