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In 1996 Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore starred in “The Juror,” an uninspired thriller (with the unfortunate ad line “There is no defense”) in which she played a single mom blackmailed by his Mafia hitman into swaying the jury she’s on, lest he kill her son.

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But you know how it is — people While the hang sesh obviously mad fans’ hearts explode, it was a recent video uploaded to the BFvs GF channel that had them freaking the eff out.

celebrates its 20th anniversary this week, having been reappraised and reborn as a midnight movie regular, a musical masterpiece (tagline: "Singing. Tits") and a classic exploitation film of our time (not our words, but Jim Jarmusch's), we look at what happened to the actress best known as Nomi Malone., one for Worst Actress and Worst New Star (the film 'won' a total of seven anti-gongs, and maintains a record 13 nominations to this very day).

Krizelman is a graduate of Cornell University and Harvard Business School.With summer finally here (despite the current weather) it's time to get your holiday wardrobe sorted.This does, of course, mean it's also time for the dreaded bikini shop. In Elaine's Big Day start dating and in Mars Landing break up.Jess realises she's still in love with Nick in Landing Gear.Krizelman joined veteran web architect Jesse Keller to found Media Radar in 2007.