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Beau mirchoff and ashley rickards dating

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In the video above, Mirchoff says he’s sure about one thing: Matty would try to turn heads with his featured image.

“Matty probably has his shirt off in his profile picture,” he says.

This topic is touched upon in the third season, and while I'm a slightly better dancer than Matty, what you see on TV is pretty much what I can offer.""I think Matty's finally giving love…but it's not being reciprocated in the ways that he needs.

That's not to say Jenna doesn't love him, but maybe she's a little blind or distracted in her own life.

So I stopped that whole arts field until I was 13, when my sister was auditioning.

She was a stand-in in a commercial once, and since that [was less intimidating] I started doing that.

Either that's good choosing on our part or plain old luck because I've walked away from each and every date with a newfound sense of confidence in knowing that great guys ), I am more certain than ever.

So that happens, and it's interesting: Jenna and Matty have their problems this season, but Matty's really honest about it, and he talks to her and he says what's on his mind. It's nice to see that evolution in Matty.""In the first season, there's the scene where the boys digest Viagra, and then run around the quad together. I had to fall on Ashley Rickards with nothing but this sock on, and my white buttocks flying in the air!

So that was awkward; to anyone that was watching, I just want to say that it was really cold in L.

Completely genuine, down-to-earth, and hilarious, the 25-year-old from Seattle ("I lived there for three days. I'm an international actor," he jokes) met me at burger mecca Short Order to talk everything about love, relationships, and texting Dos and Don'ts. It was a quite a process because we'd take a ferry to Vancouver from Victoria, and it was literally a 10- to 12-hour day for a two-minute audition.

Glamour: We have your little sister to thank for you gracing our TV screens every week. When I was younger, my mom wanted me to do everything to see what I excelled at, so she put me in this dancing, singing, and acting class.