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In fact, very few animals are fast enough to catch a hummer and consume it, so we ask the audience to guess what might be on the short list of creatures able to capture hummers.Different audiences provide different conjecture, but folks usually come up with at least some of the hummingbird predators that have been described in the scientific literature.Sale tax numbers must be on file to be able to participate.Trading will begin at sunrise each day of sale and will be available until AM.Dug Wells When you picture an old fashioned well with a little roof over it, a bucket suspended from a crank, that’s a dug well.Whether dug by hand and shovels or with power tools, they are usually shallow and are relatively inexpensive. Historically this was often stone or brick,, but nowadays concrete is often used.This post will describe one of our projects this year on our property.We have water there through a deep drilled well, but we really wanted an auxiliary source of water.

Sometimes an audience member will ask instead whether hummingbirds have any PREDATORS, to which we again reply that humans play a role--principally by allowing feral cats to hang out where hummers feed and nest.

Pebble tools are among the earliest known man-made artifacts, dating from the Palaeolithic period of human history.

A beach composed chiefly of surface pebbles is commonly termed a shingle beach.

Drilled Wells A drilled well is usually a deep and narrow shaft that is usually drilled with a machine, though occasionally hand drilling methods can be used.

At the surface, a drilled well resembles a pipe sticking out of the ground a few feet. Typically you’ll be getting water from one or more aquifers that are deeper than the top aquifer.