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They appear to be a fine match, even if Leonard himself is so closed-off, but then he meets his neighbor Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow), who absolutely takes his world by storm.

But by becoming involved with her, Leonard also realizes that she’s got a lot of baggage to her, too, and Leonard’s not sure whether he wants to stick with that and risk all of the luxury in the world, or play it safe and appease his parents with Sandra.

Choosing between Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw, man, what a terrible predicament, right?

There is blasphemous language, which seems to come out of nowhere—added as routine. You almost feel sorry for Depp in his over-the-top epic failed attempt to force humor.

2 November 2011After Heather has shown him the flat she hopes to buy with her drugs money Ra' Nell welcomes his mother home.

Sully visits his daughter but Chris bars Dushane from his house as a liability.

After his broken engagement left him cold, crazy, and very disoriented, photographer Leonard Kraditor (Joaquin Phoenix) moves in with his parents in Brighton Beach, where he spends most of his days working for his parent’s dry-cleaning service and trying to drown himself in lakes.

Both of his parents know that he’s still going through a rough time, so they don’t want to push him too hard, but they also want him to be happy and feel loved, which is why they set him up with Sandra (Vinessa Shaw), a sweet Jewish girl who also happens to Leonard’s father’s co-worker.