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I just didn’t want to rush anything, wanted to take my time and build the tension. Can’t figure it out but she just got under my skin. Was going to avoid her for a while and see where it went but I had to contact her about another situation and happened to mention, “enjoyed spending time with you-looking forward to seeing you again,” and got the “not into dating-you’re my friend and I would love to continue hanging out with you.” Should have just said something like, “dating? ” but instead confessed that I wasn’t into relationships but just wanted to get close to her.

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Peugeot with 2-pulley Simplex 543 rear derailleur Pictured is the Simplex 543 rear derailleur which came out in 1954.

It's still a plunger derailleur, but the pull-chain is hidden inside the derailleur body.

The fact that it has Campy dropouts is a good sign that it's a high-end bike. I have an early 60's Legnano that I'm bringing back to life...” Feel free to visit the velostuf website and contact John directly.

His contact information is located on the bottom of his website. hl=en&q=legnano bike&btn G=Google Search Websites that may interest you: Cornelius’s Legnano Bicycle Website Trailhead A superb job trailhead, thanks!

The Record hubs replaced the Gran Sport hubs, which were actually manufactured for Campy by a sub-contractor, Fratelli Brivio (or FB).

The Gran Sports were comprised of a steel barrel with aluminum flanges pressed on.

A cable through the center of the spring would pull the jockey/tensioner to the desired cog.

These are generally called "plunger-type" derailleurs and were produced in huge numbers.

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“ Classic Rendezvous Legnano Bike Information the 1980s Bianchi bought the company but Legnano still maintains its brand and identity.

It wasn't the right sort of bike for derailleur gears, but the 4-speed was fine, given that most racing bikes at the time only had 5-speed freewheels. Then one of them, Shaun Mitchell, got a second-hand "proper" racing bike.

It was a Freddie Grubb frame which I think he picked up in one of the second-hand bike shops off Shields Road in Byker.

It has some 60s era parts on it (ie Campagnolo gran sport rear derailer)and a steel crank-set marked Legnano also. Someone has suggested the 75 in the serial number is the date, but it seems way older than 1975. Hi Blakemo, First I’ll provide a little background to Legnano bikes followed by information about your specific frame.

Since 1902 the name Legnano has meant quality, reliability and style in bicycle production.