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Cancer man and libra woman dating

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They’ll have to make sure they aren’t distracted by all their possessions and let love build bonds to last.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man form one of the most straightforward couples on the zodiac, even if it will seem that way to everyone but these two.

In general, this is a sign that lacks initiative, and due to the position of her Sun, this woman can see men in her life as weak and passive.

This will make her show initiative when in love, even when it is not the time, nor the place to do so.

The Moon & Jupiter vs Venus & Saturn - This is a curious blend of planets; your rulers, the Moon and Venus, are naturally friendly to one another, and work together for emotional harmony.

But your exalted planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are natural enemies; Jupiter pushes you toward emotional excess, while Saturn pushes him toward emotional restraint.

The problem may simply lie in having too many options.

The rule of Venus comes to focus here, for she will do anything in her power to fall out of love if a person she has feelings for is socially unacceptable for her standards.If you can learn to let go of being suspicious, and he can learn to trust, the relationship can grow by a point very quickly, and maybe two, after you've spent a lot of time together.Water vs Air - The Water and Air elements clash between Cancer and Libra; you'll have to learn to be more tolerant and accepting, while he needs to learn to be more sensitive and sympathetic.He's really a big softy afraid of getting hurt.The friendly ways of the Waterbearer help create the space cushion the Crab guy needs to open up.Both are Cardinal - The qualities of the signs are the same, but because of this, you want to take the lead, and so does he.