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I was actually born in the front bedroom while my dad sat on the wall outside, feeling sick. I'm an intelligent man but I don't feel I articulate or get that across nearly enough, especially in social situations.
Socialise in a child free park, no bikes racing round the pitches or ball playing whilst you read your morning paper!

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Mashable reports that the chat bot was up bright and early Wednesday to complain that the “@’s” were coming too fast and furious for her to handle.

The stress appears to have taken its toll on Tay, who began to lament her existence, presumably while listening to Manic Street Preachers.

It also includes access to millions of rows of background chat from billions of interactions recorded by Cleverbot.

But instead Kim Kardashian sparked a firestorm of criticism after posting an image to Facebook in June showing Saint buckled into a car seat in the forward position.

Cleverscript is a developers’ tool for creating bots.

Developers can create a bot in a spreadsheet and communicate with it using our JSON API. Cleverscript was used by Sony in a game to promote the film Skyfall and a robot which hitchhiked across Canada.

Like any mortified parent who wonders where their kid learned to talk like that, because that’s certainly not the kind of thing they could have picked up at home, Microsoft revoked Tay’s Twitter privileges and put her on a timeout.

But, in keeping with our metaphor, Tay appears to have rebelled against her uptight guardians and run back to Twitter’s corrupting influence (that, or Microsoft is okay with its kid saying the damnedest things).