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This tends to protect the use of these marks, and in general restricts them to use on pieces made in the UK.This protects both collectors and the companies who registered the marks.You can read about the history of these sites as well as viewing historical photographs to see how radically some of these sites have changed over the years. As well as reading the information about each heritage site along the trail, you can also add your own comments and memories, including your own photographs if you have them.This was once the site of a pit used by the Randlay Brickworks to provide clay for the making of their distinctive 'blood-red' bricks.The former homes of the Victorian Iron Masters and their workers can still be found in the communities around the Gorge.But no longer will you find the grimy back streets, or rows of chimneys belching back smoke.Bricks from the Randlay works were used to build the Stirchley Chimney.

The moorcroft pottery has mainly remained in the hands of one family since its creation and Moorcroft mark changes have been quite few.

Our hope in producing this guide is to persuade you to spend a little more time with us and perhaps to explore the rich and diverse environment that exists beyond the industrial heritage and museums of the gorge.

The South Telford Heritage Trail is a 12 mile circular walking route that takes you on a journey around known, and lesser known, heritage sites within the Parishes of Stirchley & Brookside, Madeley, Dawley Hamlets and the Gorge.

The Moorcroft silver stripe denotes a second quality or imperfect piece that has failed to pass the strict quality control that Moorcroft demands.

These pieces are only ever sold at discounted prices in the Moorcroft factory shop.