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A screening program that includes verifying academic and work credentials, along with a criminal background check is vital to protecting an organization and providing a safe work environment. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT REQUESTS FOR SUCH EVALUATIONS TO US OR SUBMIT DIPLOMAS OR OTHER RECORDS FOR REVIEW. There is no single authority in the United States for the recognition of foreign degrees and other qualifications.Canada) with which it is already doing or wishes to do business with, or plans to open a branch office or subsidiary in other member nations. The individuals entering in to Canada as intra company transferees, employees and professionals do not need job validation from HRDC and can apply for Employment Authorization at the Canada immigration post abroad or at the port of entry. Such a businessperson cannot sell or solicit the sale of services to the general public. Every businessperson must meet the above-mentioned general requirements 1 to 4 for entry into Canada under GATS. If a visa is not required by the businessperson to enter Canada as a visitor, the application to enter Canada as a business visitor can be made at the port of entry.Canadian immigration regulations under GATS: Under the GATS regulation of Canada, three types of individuals are allowed to enter Canada. There are separate requirements for each of the above-mentioned categories. In all other cases, application must be made at the visa office abroad. The businessperson is usually required to produce supporting documents from his company explaining the purpose of visit and activities to be carried out in Canada. If business meetings are already scheduled with Canadian companies in Canada, a letter from those companies may be produced with necessary details. Simple visitor visa is sufficient and businesspersons are not required to apply for employment authorization. S., Mexico and Canada and abolish tariffs and other trade barriers.The Agreement opens up the three countries’ markets by ensuring that future laws will not create barriers to doing business.

This includes performing training functions or conducting seminars related to your profession. Social Security Administration to receive a social security number.


International agreements and the practice in the U. education system and labor market recognize the existence of three competent authorities for recognition matters: Many, if not most, of these competent authorities in turn depend on expert comparability recommendations prepared by credential evaluation services. Credential evaluations vary in cost depending on the complexity of the analysis and the amount of documentation available, and are generally paid for either by the individual or occasionally by an employer. Educators and Human Resources Professionals provides information about U. recognition of foreign educational institutions and links to regional and national sources of information on accredited institutions in other countries.

Professionals are exempt from the job-validation process normally required of individuals seeking to work in another country. The letter or contract should include: You may apply for entry to the U. as a NAFTA Professional at major land border ports of entry or airports handling international flights with pre-flight inspection stations. However, you will need to provide evidence that you meet the requirements of the category, as outlined in the above section, “What documentation do I need at the border? You will be issued an I-94 (Record of Entry Document) indicating the TN classification code, which serves as your employment authorization. Please note that there is a processing fee for the TN employment authorization.

Your profession must be one of the 63 listed below (also refer to the interpretive notes below). to perform labour as a health-care worker in these occupations, you must first have your credentials evaluated and certified. You may qualify as a NAFTA Professional if: At a U. or Mexican port of entry, you must establish that you qualify as a NAFTA Professional. There is no written application, and no prior petition, labour certification or prior approval required for Canadians applying for admission to the U. Professionals must comply with all applicable state and local certification, registration or licensing requirements before starting work.