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Although I was not aware that Liverpool was getting HS2 at this stage. Sadly it is looking like Meadowhall as we're told Sheffield doesn't generate enough traffic or have enough businesses to justify the cost of tunnelling that would be needed, but then you hear that Crewe (population Nothing's set in tablets of stone yet...

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See more » The Late Late Show has a perfect mixture of style, cleverness and comedy.The writers have conceived material that is freshly original and keenly witty.

The show features the stereotypical parts of a Late Show, but all in their own, raw way.Craig Kilborn is an American TV personality; actor.Comedian, sports commentator, writer, producer as well as a media critic.The show has never-before-seen segments in talk shows, including one in which Kilborn looks at the camera saying something completely out of place...irreverent, yet original and funny, given a special touch to by Kilborn's charm and talent.I like to make pulled pork, but it’s not healthy, so I make fish stew. It was my Orson Welles stage,”2010 – Kilborn launches a brief comeback with a new Fox syndicated show, “The Kilborn file,” on which he is a producer.