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Dating a jehovah witness man

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Heaven is limited only to 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses are the only "true Christians." All churches and denominations are considered "false religion" 8.

There is no Hell or eternal judgment ("Hell" is simply the grave) 9.

As for the articles I have read on your site, I have read them thoroughly and I like what you said in one of your articles: ‘…that a person who is truly in love with another person should be able to put their relationship with that person before any commitment to a human organization (such as the Watchtower Society).’ I see nothing wrong with our relationship being that she doesn’t claim the Jehovah’s Witness religion but her parents do.

Is it possible to go to an elder to ask for his blessing on our relationship?

I want to know if we can still date if I become a Jehovah’s Witness with the purpose of continuing our dating relationship or will that pose a problem?

Salvation is earned only by being a loyal Jehovah's Witness 11. All earthly governments are controlled by the Devil 21. They are forbidden to celebrate any holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) 31. They are forbidden to run for or hold a political office 33. They are forbidden to speak to former members who are shunned (disfellowshipped) 37. They are forbidden to purchase Christian products (books, music, plaques, pictures etc.) 39.And like the prospector who unknowingly tramples over valuable ore, we have used this word over and over wit out realizing the scope and depth of its meaning.From it is derived the word civilization for the Illi were the city builders and the Illi who lived in cities were the civilli..: DATING AND MARRYING A JEHOVAH’S WITNESS: Should I convert to the Jehovah’s Witness religion to continue dating my Jehovah’s Witness girlfriend?What should we expect if I don’t convert and she leaves her religion for me?“I am in love with a lady who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and I want to marry her, but I do not want her to be disfellowshipped and lose her family due to our relationship.