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On the other hand, many people I know from Poland would tend to date a Polish man because they share the same culture and know more about it firsthand, than from books, movies, or comments from others; they understand each other better and consequently communicate easier.

One of my friends that is married to a Polish man said, "Guys from other cultures might not know much from my country, its people, experiences, and I am afraid that we might not have much in common that is why I feel that Polish girls tend to stay away from cultures that are too different." Plus, she added, "From my point of view, Polish men have more respect for women and are more romantic and gentle." Perhaps this is why some of the Polish girls might opt for guys who are opposite of their culture.

Dating is a good chance to practice speaking English and your date isn’t likely to be put off if you aren’t completely fluent.

British people are not greatly encouraged to learn other languages so, if anything, your date will be impressed at your skills.

Polish women are perceived usually as pretty, feminine, with a good taste for cloths and elegant.

No wonder that many men from different countries ask me how to deal with a Polish girl they have a crash on.

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This is not the 1980s and Poland is not the Soviet Union, nor was it ever.Polish men are gentlemen, they open doors and let women always first through the door whether into (or out from) the restaurant, store, car or through any other door.The popular welcome among people (both, men and women) on a personal level is a kiss in right and left cheek.One of my friends, during her visit to England, met several Latin guys and declared, "What I have learned over the past couple of years is that Latin men believe that it is very important to be 'macho' and 'running the show', which I personally love."My other friend, who also visited England, confirmed the fact that Latin men attract many Polish women.She said that she adores them because they are more romantic than any other type of guy in the world.This article should serve as a short course of savoir vivre for a man for his first date with a Polish lady.