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Introduced as a Victorian black powder cartridge in 1892, attempts were made to improve the round.

The switch to cordite propellant in 1894 increased the round's velocity and accuracy.

pistol with rough cord lanyard attached to lanyard ring. Early form of 'Mark VI', without " " marks around the 'VI'. 169710 The media for this item are free to reuse for non-commercial purposes under the IWM Non Commercial Licence.

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This model retained its automatic extraction feature, as sported by its predecessors.Developed and manufactured by Webley and Scott (formerly P.Webley and Son before a merger with W & C Scott) until 1921.I remember some esteemed expert (it could have been Jeff Cooper) proclaiming a number of years ago the top-break Webley as one of the best military revolvers of all time.Can’t say I disagree — it’s got lot going for it if one doesn’t take into account it’s into its typically clunky British appearance.Off to a good start, Webley played around with another solid frame revolver or two and then in 1877 entered the world of self-extraction with a hinged-frame revolver devised by gunmaker Charles Pryse. 4,” this ingenious sixgun featured the forward hinged frame commonly associated with later Webleys, as well as a rebounding hammer safety setup and an improved cylinder lock. 4, all the shooter had to do was press in on a pair of paddle-shaped levers mounted on either side of the recoil shield.