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“@karl,” she would type into Slack, chewing her nails as she looked at Rodrigo Santoro’s bespectacled avatar and hoped beyond hope that the desperate act would deliver her from her unrequited longing. Feeld had an earlier, harder-to-pronounce incarnation as “3nder,” an app that helped people find threesomes.

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A ‘relationship’ with emotionally unavailable is always a sudden On and a subsequent Off.It is always a great time shared together and then a much longer lonelier time shared with your brandy bottle, suspended in an unknown.

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It’s what most normal people do who don’t know how to deal with their internal upset.

Do not plan around him, go out pursue your own interests.

You have to be naturally busy and not always available or you will go berserk in no time.

So, you met him in your hiking club and he flirted with you incessantly until you finally caved and gave him your number. Your date was a dream and you had three more magical ones, each better than the next. You were on the high of your life only to have it all taken away in an instant. But, something in the back of your mind says, You recall a conversation in which he said he didn’t have to work this week. Like your heart is an aluminum can being crushed under foot into a flat, discarded piece of metal. What you’re really doing though is looking for reassurance. And yet, they weigh heavier than you are willing to acknowledge.

You thought nothing of it until he called you a mere 8-hours later. You learned that he’s a physician, he drives an Audi TT, takes annual trips to the south of Spain and is a fabulous lover. It’s killing you to wait to see if he calls you back (maybe there’s a logical explanation), but, on the third day you panic, and reach out. An unavailable man or woman may come on strong and show great intensity, but they are not emotionally invested in the relationship, nor do they plan to be.