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Dating my massage therapist

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Do you engage in social relationships outside your massage business/job with clients? What effect does it have on your massage work with that client if any?How do you manage the power differential factor that occurs in the massage/client relationship and the possibilities for transference and countertransference when you work with them doing massage and when you see them socially?When she rolled over topless, he gently and sensuously massaged her breasts while I watched. When La Rue Lundeen and Kirk Fjellman began dating, neither had a clue that Lundeen would be accused of breaking the law because of their relationship.I have been having some really great discussions on here and on Facebook and my websites about the therapeutic relationship and what happens when you become friends with clients or engage in other dual relationships with them -nothing illegal like dating clients or sex of course but trading services like accounting or tax help and seeing clients socially.

What were you taught about socializing and becoming friends with clients in massage school if anything?

Dating clients is now illegal here in WA and a few other states.

Now with massage moving ahead and becoming a profession with all of the things happening like the BOK, licensing reciprocity being talked about, the FSMBT, the troubles with NCBTMB and such we are being seen more as health care providers and massage professionals.

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