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“I suggested to Donald that he should run for President in the ’80s,” Trump told our partygoer. That all ended in the early ’90s when Bill Clinton began his successful campaign to push the GOP out of the White House and The Donald’s affair with his second wife-to-be broke up Ivana’s home in 1991.

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Divorce rates continued to shrink the older couples were when they got married, with couples ages 35 and older having a divorce rate of 14 percent.

An analysis of data from 2006 through 2010, however, showed a 32 percent divorce rate for couples younger than 20.

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Anything interrupting this sequence can cause the inability to have or keep an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Although ED’s frequency does increase with age, it’s treatable regardless of your age and isn’t as inevitable as you might think.

According to the National Institutes of Health, only 4 percent of men in their 50s and 17 percent of men in their 60s experience total inability to have an erection.

Researchers who solicited responses to an online survey of almost 100,000 people from around the world, including 23,000 in the USA, get at that question and more than 1,000 others in a new book called The Normal Bar, out Feb. Among their findings, based on responses from individuals 18 and older who are in relationships (both heterosexual and same-sex):-- 40% say they have sex three to four times a week.-- 48% of men and 28% of women report having fallen in love at first sight.-- 43% of men and 33% of women say they are keeping a major secret from their partner."This 'normal' is different from most normals," says co-author Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist at the University of Washington in Seattle.

"Most normals look at the average — if a big clump of people do it, they call it 'normal.' What we want to know is which normal is correlated with happiness."Even among the happiest couples, the survey found 27% were keeping some secrets. respondents, Witte says 62% were in the "happiest" category and 14% were "extremely happy.""If they're really unhappy, they would have ended that relationship," he says. Otherwise, they would have split up."Still, Schwartz says, it appears many couples are "somewhat romance starved."In the USA, the survey found that of 1,218 respondents answering a question about romance, almost 29% of women and 44% of men say it bothers them "a lot" that their partner is not more romantic."We make a big deal of Valentine's Day because I think people are doing catch-up," she says. That whole package of romance that some couples preserve — that shows how important it is."In the USA, 44% of Americans report that they "hardly ever" or "never" go out on a date — but that's still better than 53% in Italy, 54% in England and 55% in France.

What's "normal" and what's not when it comes to human behavior, sexuality and relationships?

Aging doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed to develop ED indefinitely.

Age can raise the risk for ED, but there are ways to treat it. Male sexual arousal may seem simple, but it depends on a precise, complex sequence of events inside the body.

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Newlyweds Jason, 27, and Emily Brand, 26, hang art in their new home July 20, 2015, in Holladay.