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Dbml not updating designer cs Ifrend video chat

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Here is a snippet of the of Northwind database with a custom stored procedure Update Region. Here is an example of the code generated for the small table “Regions” of Northwind database.

This esoteric is in fact just the information of the visual representation of all data classes of the visual designer. The last file that you have under the is *that contain the class that you will create an instance from. The most interesting part is to notice the inheritance of two interfaces.

This file contains all tables dropped into the visual designer.

This file is a XML file that contain all definitions of the table and the stored procedure you added into the Visual Designer. Data Context and contains all methods generated to correspond to the classed generated from the tables dropped into the Visual Designer. You will have the Data Context class but also a single class for each of the tables.

The dragging-and-dropping process to create the object model will take a lot of time, depending on the amount of objects.

As I was going thru the April 2008 edition of the SQL Server Magazine, I've learned about this utility called Sql Metal.

Sql is a command-line tool that generates code and mapping for the LINQ to SQL component of the . When I started working with LINQ, I was only using Visual Studio 2008 to generate the object-relational diagram by (you guessed it) dragging-and dropping the database objects on my designer surface.

Column Attribute(Storage="_User ID", Db Type="Var Char(100) NOT NULL", Can Be Null=false, Is Primary Key=true)] public string User ID [global:: System.

should i delete everything related in each time dbml is updated?