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PD Ye-Jin has been feeling sick since the morning, because of an incident with an expensive parked car. I still don't get why they made the pairings like that when it was kinda obvious who should've ended up with who in the end so I'd probably rate this 5/10 coz of the cast but the story was average apart from the scenes with Cindy and Seung Chan coz I just loved them (bias I know but whatever) Only those who loves watching Korean variety shows and understands the life a PD needs to watch this drama.

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Disclaimer: All songs/lyrics within this story are the property of Daughtry.

*Taken from a Prompt on Tumblr* Could someone write one where Matthew Gray Gubler and Spencer Reid both exist in real life but are different people and the reader who works at the BAU has a huge celeb crush on MGG and the team knows and someone mentions that MGG looks A LOT like Reid and they use that to tease her about really liking Spencer (she does) and she gets embarrassed.

I just couldn't be happier that people seem to like what I'm doing and seem to respond to it.

Reader works as a make up assistant on set, matthew and reader go on a lunch date, listen to music, fall in love, they plan a date night ( chapter 2 ) and possibly some very adult play time activities (chapter 3) Stephanie Wright is headed to the bright lights of LA to start a new life.

But will she be able to run away from her past completely and what happens when a childhood friend comes back into her life, one she wasn't expecting or prepared for.

Everyone has their favorite holiday: Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe even Presidents' Day.

Actor and director Matthew Gray Gubler from the show "Criminal Minds" is especially fond of Halloween. He's even brought the holiday to the "Criminal Minds" set several times over the show's many seasons.