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The suit adds: “Plaintiff, who was watching the initial showing, was shocked, horrified, and outraged to observe this intrusion into her privacy to all to see.” Nizewitz claims she was told while filming the series that her genitals would be blurred or cropped out, and that producers gave her additional assurances about blurring before she agreed to the wrestling scene.

“Since the initial airing of the third episode of ‘Dating Naked,’ Plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer severe extreme emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment, as the uncensored episode and uncensored pictures therefrom have been uploaded to various Internet websites including You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr,” the complaint alleges.

The court ordered compensation of the victims but did not yet specify the amount.

Some torture victims were not offered compensation because they were not detained and harmed related to spying with Israel or were kidnapped from areas that are not officially under Israeli control.

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Media) The Jerusalem District Court published a nearly 2,000 page ruling that the Palestinian Authority was responsible for the detainment and torture of over 50 people who were accused of collaborating in Israel dating back from the 1990s.

The ruling of District Court judge Moshe Drori included the legal justification for publishing the report in addition to horrendous accounts of torture experienced by the victims.

He pulled down the front of her top revealing swaying mounds of her tits and she tried to smash the glass on his head.Most of the victims were Arabs, but there was at least one israeli plaintiff.In the historic decision, Judge Drori ruled that the Israeli courts could take action in cases in which the Palestinian Authority detained suspects on the grounds of suspected collaboration with Israel, because the detainment is for security reasons (from the PA’s point of view) and is not within the PA’s authority, according to the Interim Agreement. Many of the victims were abducted in area of C of the West Bank and in areas of Jerusalem where the PA is not allowed to operate.While she signed up for the show’s premise, Nizewitz alleges she didn’t realize that would mean she would be shown naked below the waist, given that the show is supposed to blur out contestants’ private parts, the story reports.In a beach scene in the July 31 episode, Nizewitz claims the program “as broadcast, shows Plaintiff’s wrestling takedown of her date, but Defendants did not blur out her vagina and anus, which were fully exposed to all viewers,” according to the complaint.Angered and horny, he gagged her with her apron, pressed her hands to the wall and started tearing off her clothes biting her nipples and pulling up her panties that painfully cut between her pussy lips.