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My sister once joked that our mother threw a box of tampons at her, said she could ask questions, and then practically ran away.

I was a little surprised, but I guess she’s gotten more conservative as we get older.

Refuse to allow her discomfort with the topic to put you off.

Her irrational response (“Why do you want to talk about this when I don’t? ”) is an attempt to get you to leave her alone so she doesn’t have to think about the basics of sex ed., which is a childish stalling tactic. If she again suggests you’re doing something wrong in bringing it up, remind her that having the sex talk is a standard-issue milestone for everyone, and there’s nothing inappropriate about discussing how you two want to handle it together.

The bad news is that people don’t necessarily have of conversations, so [it] doesn’t become ongoing."Although most parents and young people said they didn't feel embarrassed to talk about sex, nor felt they needed to rely on schools to do it, sometimes parents weren't very clear about their stance on virginity.

For instance, 61% of parents want young people to wait to have sex until they can handle the responsibility (45% advocated waiting for marriage), but only 52% of parents talked to their kids about sexual values, regardless of their beliefs.

If your wife communicates to your daughter what she’s communicated with you (that talking about sex and bodies is perverse, that having questions is weird), she’s going to do her a real disservice. Friend’s son with Down syndrome hurts others: We have a group of friends that used to get together more frequently before we all had kids.

Most have young children around our children’s ages.

“I didn’t even hear the response; I just had to get out of there.”The staffers' testimony contrasted with the accounts of three Republican Senators and a former staff supervisor who testified Wednesday morning.Locke, a linguistics professor at City University of New York.Although we often focus on difficulties in communicating between men and women, much less focus has been placed on same sex communication.Adolescence is an entirely new beast in the era of high-speed Internet and smartphones.People have never been so easy to chat with nor has content been so easy to download--and that adds a new layer to the parental ritual of having "the talk." But new data shows that while parents and young people are perfectly willing to chat about sex, they may not be doing it as often as they should.Locke has found that the way we talk is not just driven by various cultural norms, but by deep seated, evolutionary-based, sex differences.