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Freshclam not updating

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The installation of Clam AV from EPEL 7 to Cent OS/Red Hat 7 is a little bit more challenging than the simple setup used in Cent OS 6/Red Hat 6.

The problem isn’t really the installation itself, but the way how things are documented and what it’s really needed to do to use Clam AV.

Unfortunately the default configuration is not properly working.

In this post we collect some of the issues and required changes. If you are using Clam AV on Cent OS, together with SELinux, we should configure it a little bit.

If you click "download" or visit "https:// directly, you'll see a closed tab with the name "Virus Database." If you click that, you'll see: For Clam AV to work properly, both the Clam AV engine and the Clam AV Virus Database (CVD) must be kept up to date.

To get Clam AV on Cent OS installed, we have to use the EPEL repository (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux).

Fortunately, the Fedora project provides this with an easy installation.

We didn’t get a systemd service file, so creating a quick file here.

The process should be forking itself and start freshclam in daemon mode.