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I'm telling you right now you're being trained to be little emotionless zombies.

Author of Not Ready, The AKUMA Program, This Is It, The Apocalypse, and others.

I just lost all my friends because of this stupid fucking Nazi company who tries to play thought police and mold people's behaviors.

I'm going to go out on a limb and warn you kids that when someone tries to control your speech it's only the beginning.

To all the people that lived above the Buildings that we was hustling in front of that called the police on Us when we was just trying to make some money to feed our daughters And all the niggas in the struggle, you know what I'm saying?

It's all good baby baby :^| [Hook] RG back I'm talking RG back Haru back I'm talking Questo back Weapons back I'm talking NSkillz back Ry Sarm back I'm talking RG back motherfucker [Verse 1: Dyaz] Ugh, we need RG back, there'll be no RG left (He's right sun) Sun, we need Haru back, he had that RG swag (SWAGGY AS FUX) Forget that New York Times dissing RG track (I really mean it!

It maybe start in a game but it then moves on to real life.The 52-year-old gets mad when judged by his sexual and musical revolutionary past, though he himself invites these comparisons: ‘20Ten’ opens with ‘Compassion’, a pale imitation of ‘1999’’s futurist jitter-funk, and of the album from which such questionable mouth-fucking chat-ups come. – proclaiming it his best in 23 years…), but for sagely decreeing, on ‘Act Of God’, that taxes go to build bomb-dropping planes “Supposedly to keep us safe from Saddam.” Not so much of a threat these days since being hanged in December 2006, though, is he?Then again, Prince has always lived in a different world. So I like to think that that’s the idea of what the name is and as far as what we’re trying to express with this, it’s just, whatever we want you know. So you can call it a cute play on words or a double entendre, cause that’s something that has more then one meaning, and this case, the title does you know?LL The superior man fell down, to the depths of society But we won’t let it happen; this won’t get to me They say a season only lasts a few months But there’s 2000 Seasons when it’s Haru’s time to cum [Hook] [Verse 4: Supa Dupa Jesus] I'm talking RG Back: Vertebrae (Spines nigga!