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Girl talk lessons dating

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Now, I’m not about to say they are all ‘decent’ guys.

Some hit me straight up for ‘nudes’ or whatever, but I simply don’t reply to those or if I do it’s to call them out on their manners.

SCRIPTURE PASSAGES: Introduction (5 minutes) OPENING PRAYER: “God, give us the willingness to follow your will when it comes to dating, and help us to accept what the bible says about relationships.

Amen.” PREVIOUS LESSON REVIEW: Say, “Last week we discussed what the bible says about homosexuality.

Who remembers how Jesus responded to the Samaritan woman at the well (in consideration of her sexual sin)?

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King Ahasuerus threw an extravagant party that lasted for several days.

According to one of the senior nuns, more often than not when she is attracted to someone she realizes she is actually attracted to a quality they have, that she wishes she had in her.

So instead of clinging to the idea of being with that person, she cultivates the quality in her.

While the nuns must abstain from any kind of romantic or sexual activities, they shared heartfelt and grounded advice about dating and romantic relationships.

The fact that they must face their desire for romantic love by looking into it deeply, and by cultivating love for the community, they are well equipped to answer any break-ups, marriages and dating you get attracted to someone, and before taking it to the next level, stop and ask yourself why.