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I’m talking about the stereotypes: on the one hand, Jewish men are rarely presented in the media as particularly “normal,” likable guys; on the other, some women—yes, especially non-Jewish women—have a particular thing for Jewish men.In 1978, for example, The Jewish Man was proclaimed “the new sexual hero.” This pronouncement was made in a now out-of-print book called , but stay with me.

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“Now, today, the Elliot Goulds, George Segals, Dustin Hoffmans herald the beginning of a new super sex star: the Jewish man.” It’s basically a humor book (we’ll get to that), but the core premise—we heart Jewish men, warts and all—is not winking or sarcastic; it’s entirely serious. Some are straightforward (“He uses hand lotion”); some have embellishments that make them less unfunny than they could be (“He has never washed his own clothes [even in the Army]”); some achieve the spare, abstruse genius of a Zen koan (“He is aged 30 to 55 whether he is or he isn’t”).As a Jew, I would not recommend this to any shiksa for reading.I have no idea how the author managed to date and know so many Jews and yet still get so much wrong.Such a mix seems nasty and confounding today, and the resulting book is obsessed with the penis, complexes, and allegedly not infrequent impotence of Jewish men, who here are continually both the butt of jokes and the target of lusty fascination. The illustrations suggest the book is more the former: Instead, the authors prefer that non-Jewish women chase after divorced Jewish men, which is most of them, the book insists.It’s not exactly My favorite thing in there is the way the all-caps “it” now looks like I. Much of the authors’ attention is dedicated to interfaith coupling. The first time, the Jewish man is not a gracious guest inside. As much as he would love to have his mouth on it, that’s dirty, dirty, dirty and he’s guilty, guilty, guilty.” They also insist that Jewish men will always lock the bathroom door, will often use hand lotion, and will worry over whether you wear a coat outside.capitalizes on the of-the-moment notoriety of brainy but sexual fictional characters like Alvy Singer, Nathan Zuckerman, and Henry Kissinger.