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LFO Singer Rich Cronin, 35, Dies of Cancer"I was obsessed with this chase for wealth/'Til the doctor said, 'Rich, it's about your health.

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Drake is one of the biggest superstars on the planet. Unfortunately for him, he can’t keep things secret for very long, and the beans might have spilled on who he’s been spending his nights with. Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Drake seems to find his name alongside tons of different rumors these days, and with being a star of his magnitude, it’s no surprise. He’s reached a level of popularity where he has people watching him all the time, including some of our editors.In Nicki’s 2012 video “Right By My Side” featuring Chris Brown, the two shared a sensual on-camera kiss.Although the nature of Nicki and Nas’ relationship isn’t crystal clear yet, what is clear is that the dinner was to celebrate a win of some sort as noted by everyone’s congratulatory captions.Apparently the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast runs in the same circles as the RHOA crew, and Peter’s currently dating Sina Bina!

It's clear these two couldn't be more in love, considering he just threw her a giant party for her birthday back in January.

Cynthia seemed okay with the end of their marriage; of course she was sad, but she set out to make big moves for herself and Noel.

Meanwhile Peter was openly devastated, and he cried his way back to Charlotte, driving by their married home for one last time!

However Peter was happy to announce that he has moved on, yet he played coy and refused to spill any details or his new girlfriends’ name.

Now it looks like his new love is no stranger to reality TV, and they look very happy together.