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For many centuries, Ticos have been trying to figure out what Ticas want, and each time they think they are close to solving this philosophical conundrum they end up right back where they started.
Mr Rizieq arriving at the Jakarta police headquarters on Jan 23.

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Because if there's one thing you've taught me is that what tomorrow holds, thank GOD, I never know.

star Joe Budden was accused years ago of contributing to his then girlfriend model Esther Baxter's misscarriage after she made claims of some of his violent ways via Necole Bitchie.I damn sure didn’t know that Joey & his latest girlfriend, Esther Baxter, recently broke up. Well in this final installment of his “Ordinary Love Shit” series he speaks upon that situation. I never not thank God for every intricate detail that make you whole. I never imagined you would be as beautiful as you are today, it's beautiful to be a part of. Thank you for not only making me stronger, but for being strong enough for us both most times. Thank you for helping me rectify some generational issues, thank you for helping me get it right. I never courted you, an if I did I never acknowledged it. It looks like Joe Budden & Cyn Santana are about to welcome their first child together soon. I never knew you or your energy were so radiant, enigmatic even.... Thank you for every I never Thank you for changing my forever, forever Thank you for hope, joy & acceptance.. PS - ITS FUCKING LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!