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HARVEY - Who, like a good parent, gives us money, offers endless moral support, and spanks us when we need spanking (okay... BOB HAWK - For being there from the start, teaching us what makes a movie great, and always doing the dishes. MATT SEITZ - For the one review that made a difference. The 1997 film--a look at the relationship between a comic book artist (Ben Affleck) and his "ideal" woman (Adams), who happens to be a lesbian--won favorable reviews and effectively put Adams on the Hollywood map.In 1999 she had a lead role in another independent film, the drama A Cool Dry Place with Vince Vaughn, and also starred in her first big-budget Hollywood feature, the hit Adam Sandler comedy Big Daddy.

Adams, however, is an actress in her own right, having done solid work in a number of films, including Dazed and Confused and Chasing Amy.JLA: They sent me scenes from the first three episodes; one of the scenes I auditioned with was the speech Pammy gives to Buck at the skating rink. How does her relationship with Buck change her sexual identity? I think it’s really just understood that Pammy just has severe bad luck with love and has dated all the wrong guys that probably just wanted to f–k her and not much else. [Pammy and Buck] discussed it in private, maybe, but he’s just great. Which I like about the show — it doesn’t feel like [the writers] feel the need to really make things specific or define it. And Toni (Collette) is just so great as Buck, she’s so masculine. When I was doing scenes with [Tara] and then with Buck, it felt like two different actors. It felt a little bit to me like they were leaving it open where she could come back as a crazy person, a stalker. It was seriously my favorite role that I’ve played in 13 years, especially because it was a real character.AE: Toni just nails each alter so well, especially the new ones this season. There’s Toni as Tara and Toni as Buck and you really felt like you’re working with two different people. It wasn’t like I’m the best friend or I’m the girlfriend and I just laugh at their jokes and I’m just there to get their story across.Joey Lauren Adams: I live in Oxford, Mississippi, and it just came up. There was no scene where we sit down and talk about it. But because the writing is so good, there’s no questioning of it.I put myself on tape here and they called and said I had it. AE: How much did you know about Pammy’s story line at the audition stage? It just didn’t feel necessary; it didn’t feel like, “Oh, they’re just avoiding that.” In the first season, Buck said he got his penis blown off in Vietnam [laughs], which, of course, he was never in. That was the thing with this role, when I got it to audition for it, I was so excited.Since then, he's put out the critically and commercially disastrous Mallrats, and made a comeback with the new Chasing Amy, the story of a guy who falls in love with a lesbian.