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Kaspersky is not updating

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You can update the Kaspersky antivirus signature database offline without using a direct Internet connection.

This is required in some security installations and for sites that access the Internet through a proxy server.

Microsoft’s anti-virus efforts have hit the news recently, following the spread of the massive Wanna Cry malware and an EU antitrust complaint from anti-virus company Kaspersky.

The software giant is now detailing its anti-virus work, attempting to diffuse complaints over its anti-virus partner work and the security of Windows itself.

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Discovered by Google's dogged bug-sleuth Tavis Ormandy, the flaw stems from how the company's antivirus inspects encrypted traffic.Just recently, Kaspersky has made a similar filing in both the European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office.According to the complaints, Microsoft has a habit of disabling Kaspersky’s products during system updates. Kaspersky contends Defender is an inferior product, but that’s really what you would expect it to say.Microsoft used to ship Windows without a built-in antivirus client, which seems foolishly naive in this day and age.However, the addition of Windows Defender to the operating system has caused some tension with third-party antivirus makers.Kaspersky has accused Microsoft of disabling its anti-virus software on Windows PCs, and using its dominance to “fiercely promote” its own Windows Defender software.