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Throughout the conversation Carter sends several messages warning her suicidal boyfriend that ‘it’s now or never’ and to ‘just do it’.

In one message the then-17-year-old, who claimed to Conrad that she would look after his family, texts: ‘People who commit suicide don’t think this much.

Harries spotted a piece of porcelain that was bought for pennies and sold for several thousand pounds, demonstrated what seemed to be a knowledge of antiques which, combined with an odd appearance including bow ties, curly golden hair, formal attire and a precocious manner of speaking, made Harries memorable to British viewers.

Harries's father ran a kissogram business among others; after Harries's appearance on Wogan, Mark supported the perception that Harries was an antiques expert.

Each one performed a standard memory test where they had to observe a stream of letters and say, as fast as possible, if each one was the same as the one before last.

The volunteers then spent seven minutes chatting to male or female members of the research team before repeating the test.

Headteacher Victoria Overy said: ‘Sadly, through such easy access to pornography, the boys’ view of women has been skewed.

‘We’re doing parallel programmes with the girls about self perception.

From the age of five, Harries enjoyed art and antiques, and had an apparent ability to spot bargains at local jumble sales and second-hand shops.

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These are the disturbing texts sent from a girlfriend who allegedly encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide. Carter: You have to look at it that way and people only fail because they have the same mindset as you.

Conrad Roy III, 18, died from carbon monoxide poisoning in 2014 following days of chilling messages from Michelle Carter, now 19.