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People 30 dating 21

She couldn't handle seeing him spoon-fed salsa by Carly while he pretended to be a baby. "Now, listen, Spencer: I know a lot of girls, and I am going to find you a nice one.""A blind date? Thank God for that."Just tell me what you're looking for in a girl," Mary continued. Availability was the quality he had valued most in the past. Someone who was young at heart like he was, someone who never took herself too seriously. Carly was an important part of his life – the early thirties.""Right. We should be talking about women.""Uh, yes, I suppose.""So, what do you want her to look like? Her head was somewhere down by his knees but her back was against his stomach and his arms were wrapped around her waist, probably the only thing keeping her from falling forward off the tiny sofa and onto the floor. "Sounds like a legitimate concern."She crossed her arms, unamused. "Spencer sat up, but had to bring the far-too-precariously balanced Carly with him.