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An only child, Bixby was born a fourth-generation Californian of English descent, in San Francisco, California.
It's all good It's all right Fuck all day Fuck all night Call my bitches 'cause wherever I go, y'all my bitches East to the west coast, all my bitches Yo, chickens is good for pluckin' So I'm stickin' bitches fuckin' Got 'em trickin' while they suckin' Give 'em dick, and they be buggin' I've done it all From mackin' two hoes on a three-way Dominican hoes on freeway Country hoes in VA And they all say the same about my game, it's tight That's why every night a different group of bitches start a fight Over some dick that they don't even own All I'm givin' 'em is the bone Blowin' up a niggas phone but ain't nobody home I'm in a zone tryin' to do things Let's turn this into a crew thing What's up, girlfriend, you game?