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You can recognize scammers by how quick they ask for your personal email address and try to start a private correspondence.
This is where adult video dating and personals come into play.

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Wisconsin penalty for First Degree Sexual Assault: 40 years (Maximum) In proving that the victim did not “consent,” the State must show that the victim did not freely agree to have sexual contact with you.

This does not require that the victim offered physical resistance.

Sexual Assault in Wisconsin Wisconsin law provides for the prosecution of a person who is alleged to have committed an act of sexual assault against someone else.

In this state, the term “sexual assault” is defined to have the same meaning as “rape.” For this reason, the crime is defined as sexual contact or intercourse with a person without his or her consent and that causes great bodily harm or is completed through the threat of the use of force or a dangerous weapon.

At Reddin & Singer, we understand these complexities and are ready to help you fight the charges against you.

Our criminal defense lawyers have represented hundreds of Milwaukee individuals facing prosecution for sex crimes.

Or, viewing a particular website – no matter a person’s knowledge or intentions – leads to multiple charges for possession of child pornography.

Sex crimes can carry lifetime consequences and ruin more than just your reputation.

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At the law firm of Magner, Hueneke & Borda, LLP, our Milwaukee sex crime defense lawyers know what is at stake when defending people accused of sex crimes.

We have the experience needed to handle a wide variety of sex crimes, including: Maybe you accidentally clicked on a link or innocently opened an unsolicited email.

Perhaps claims of sexual assault or inappropriate touching are being used as leverage to gain custody in a divorce.

I focus on both short term stress/career issues and adults from neglectful/ abusive families.

and I am compassionate and nurture my client's inner strength until they can believe in themselves.