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The Defendant expressed to “Kayla” early in their conversations that he was too old for her, but continued chatting about sexual topics with her nonetheless. The trial court told the jury to disregard the comment, and when Defense counsel resumed cross-examination of Stough he clarified for the jury that Defendant had no history of sex offenses. This interpretation is further supported by the Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission, which lists Section 566.151 among those offenses that prohibit probation for a certain period of time. Finally, “the sentencing decision is wholly within the discretion of the trial judge.” Hutchison v.

He also allegedly wrote that he did not know where they could meet “that I can trust that it doesn’t get me arrested.” Investigators ultimately identified the Liberty law office from which Patience was talking to the “girl.” He told the “girl” that he only chatted while at work and not during the evening or weekends.

On August 25, 2016, investigators served a search warrant at the law firm.

During the chats, Patience allegedly spoke of sex with her and showed interest in meeting.

However, Patience allegedly said he was afraid to meet her because it was illegal and he would lose his job and his family.