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The majority of Indigenous American tribes maintained their hunting grounds and agricultural lands for use of the entire tribe.

Europeans at that time had patriarchal cultures and had developed concepts of individual property rights with respect to land that were extremely different.

Before European contact, Native American painting was endowed with a variety of ritual and social purposes by diverse cultural groups throughout the continent.

Despite the ravages brought by Euro-American invaders and settlers, many Native American painting traditions survived and evolved into new art forms.

Painting traditions continued in the Southwest, on the Plains and the Northwest Coast, often retaining their ritual function, while new styles influenced by Euro-American painting traditions, new materials and new audiences catered to the new market, while providing a means of perserving cultural identities Native American paints were made from naturally occurring mineral pigments, primarily black, obtained from lignite, graphite and charcoal, red from ochres and haematite, and blue or blue-green from copper minerals or soladinite, a blue-green iron-based mineral.

The binder used was primarily fish-egg tempera, obtained by chewing salmon eggs wrapped in cedar bark and spitting the saliva and egg juices into the paint dish.

Their ancestors ensured the survival of the Pilgrims in New England, and lived to regret it.

Listen to A Creation Story: Tatanka and the Lakota People, illustrated by Donald F. Learn about the bison and the important relationship it has with Native people of the Great Plains. (National Museum of the American Indian, New York, NY) A Celebration of Northwest Coast Dance West Coast First Nations mask-dancing group Git Hayetsk (People of the Copper Shield) and Tsimshian dancers Lepquinm Gumilgit Gagoadim (Our Own Dance in Our Hearts) use humor and theatrical dance to introduce indigenous lifeways of the Northwest Coast.This release now provides 956 titles, equaling approximately 752 hours.Other titles will be added as Alexander Street Press works out permission/ownership issues from the Filmakers Library.Estimates of the numbers of Native North Americans at the time of the European arrival/invasion in what is now the United States and Canada vary between 1.2 to 12 million.By the end of the 19th century, the number of Native Americans had been reduced to 250,000, mainly exterminated through imported diseases, dislocation, slavery, mass murder, genocide and suicide rates that were many times the national average.After trade materials became available in the late 18th century, imported pigments were rapidly adopted, especially Chinese vermilion, Prussian blue, ultramarine and Reckitts commercial laundry blueing.