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While advances in technology have helped improve security over the Internet, it has also provided criminals with a new avenue for crime.

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And the app pulls you from your ongoing messages with matches to play the spin the bottle game, making multi-tasking in this app difficult, if not impossible. Despite an initial idea of launching in one city at a time, the app’s creators found that their user base was getting restless with the waitlist. They debuted in New York City in beta in late September and officially in early November.

One founder lives in New York, while the other two, Drew Stanton and Nishant Patel, live in the DMV.

But after making the trek from her Upper West Side apartment to a West Village restaurant, reality sank in.

“The second I saw John, I realized he was closer to 5-foot-10.

It's not just guns and drugs that are up for sale on deep web sites.

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The app then brings you into a 30-second video chat with whomever the bottle lands on, and you can decide if you want to keep talking to them from within the app based on that interaction. Spin The Bottle uses facial recognition software to ensure that you only see someone’s face during the video chat. It’s worth noting that for Spin the Bottle to be effective, there have to be enough people online in the area who are currently also using the app, instead of other dating apps that let matches happen offline.Among those in this growing field are Dating.fm, Flikdate, Video Date and two newbies launched last fall -- View N Me and Instamour.Those behind the idea say it's a time and money saver, because daters can connect from wherever they are, avoiding travel time to meet someone and keeping cash in their pockets."Skype started the whole genre change and Face Time took it into mobile," says Marc Lesnick, founder of i Date, a dating industry conference and trade show.View N Me, a month-old dating site, uses live video chats — either one-on-one or speed-dating sessions — to make fudging your appearance just about impossible.“There’s a level of deception that is usually associated with user profiles,” says View N Me co-founder Eric Friedman. Although video itself isn't new, the ability to incorporate it into mobile dating definitely is, says Nick Bicanic, of Los Angeles, creator of Flikdate, which bills itself as "the fastest date in the world.""Video communication is coming into its own," he says.