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Speed dating Leamington Spa will involve a series of 4 minute dates with up to 15 Warwickshire singles.
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"Please, baby, just send me a special picture." Sometimes guys guilt trip you into sending one. In the virtual age, cybersex is becoming extremely popular.

Other times you tell then to get on Skype because you think it is safer and that it can’t get back to bite you. If the term “cybersex,” more commonly known as “Skype sex,” is not a part of your sexual vocabulary, you might want to listen up.

But the "interactive challenges" that fans can play to build up points for autographs, merchandise and live conversations have stirred the most excitement. The most dedicated fans will be rewarded with a 10-minute Skype call from the comedian, but they must notch up a massive 500,000 points first.

Unsurprisingly given his controversial reputation, Brand's app, which also works on i Pad, comes with a 12 rating for "crude humour", "mild profanity" and "infrequent sexual content or nudity".

An Android version of the self-titled is expected to follow.

Celebrity apps have often been branded as ego-boosting vanity projects, but past successes have proved they can be lucrative too.

The software scans for references to drugs like ecstasy, methamphetamine, and ketamine—while bizarre terms that translate into English as “ancient horse recipe” and “throwing eggs" could also land users on a watch list.

I have no idea what those expressions mean, but they could be code words along the lines of the infamous “grass mud horse”.

The free programme makes it easy for users to "keep up to speed with the actor and comedian" with news, videos, photos and updates from Brand's active social media profiles.We remain committed to preserving and promoting a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all of our Xbox Live members." So there you have it.Microsoft had previously mentioned that they would be tightening up the security of the Xbox Live ecosystem as well as implementing new rules and regulations for the Xbox Live reputation management.The comedian hit headlines recently after he discouraged people from voting during a ’s Robert Webb.Not content with shaking up the political world, Brand has joined actors Jamie Foxx and Charlie Sheen to release the official app in partnership with tech start-up Top Fan.There is one thing that binds the phrases “kinky cinema,” “hired killer,” and “throwing eggs.” If you type any one of them into a special eavesdropping-enabled version of Skype used in China, you could find yourself under surveillance.