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From what I've read, Pittsburgh is a great city.

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Also, are there any suggestions to meeting new people (not just dating wise but friend wise as well). Can anyone offer some advice on how the dating scene is here? I realize American tradition dictates that as a woman you should be the "weaker" damsel in distress who wallows around helplessly single awaiting some Prince Charming horseback stud muffin to ask you out like it's the prom, but why not turn the tables around and be the one to ask a guy out?

Because Pittsburgh is so small, not a lot of people are willing to drive the extra mile to date someone who lives on the other side of town.

It's almost as if we stick to the small section of the city we live in, and if you're not in that 10-20 mile radius, you've limited yourself even more.

Before anyone flames me for this post, keep in mind that this is a rather common consensus. If you for whatever reason disagree with my opinion about how lousy Pittsburgh is for single guys, just please keep it to yourself. The women were some of the most amazing and classy i've been with. Did I make a single reference to the LA fitness center shooting? Speaking of pickup lines, I've got a buddy that swears by the simplest of them all:"Wanna go fk? About 10% of the time he gets slapped in the face, and another 5% or so he is asked to leave the bar by bouncers after the girl rats to them. Just move to Atlanta from Pittsburgh like I did and meet the 2:1 ratio of nice women who like to vacuum the money from your pockets.(jk) I used to think like that, at times (not as severely as you do), until I found out that being too needy is a weapon against one's self.

Believe me, I know how you Pittsburghers LOVE to argue. Just tell people you are from out of town and maybe you will score. Most of the women I've come in contact with are rather masculine, extremely tacky in their appearance (outdated hairstyles, gaudy jewelry, Steelers apparel, etc), yet though they were god's gift to men. Here's some sure fire pick up lines you can use.*I make more money than you can spend.*I'm new in town. *What's a nice girl like you doing talking to a loser like me? Don't worry about getting hooked up so dern much and just get yourself a collection of female friends to just hang out with to start.