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Rachel dating puck glee

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(He's "allowed to eat cheese because he's on Atkins," Brittany says.) Later we learn that Lord Tubbington has other human vices too: He's taken up smoking again. 2) Finn and Rachel are growing closer: Not only do the two go on an (ill-advised) stakeout together -- in which Finn confesses that while he never really knows what's going on emotionally with Quinn, that was never an issue when he and Rachel were dating -- she sings him a kicking version of "You Can Go Your Own Way." "Traditionally, it's sung by a man," Rachel says."But today, Rachel Berry's going to put her own feminine twist on it." And she does -- singing right to a not-unreceptive-looking Finn, who's accompanying her on drums, and ticking off Quinn. 3) At last, a recession story line (better late than never -- or was there one I'm forgetting?However, there is but one heart he wants, and the owner of said heart's dating another while kissing him. In fact, Blaine has been in fact lusting after a certain unnamed guy, and he wants to know if it's too much to sing to someone on Valentine's Day.Kurt, naturally thinking he's the guy in question when we all know he's not, tells Blaine to go for it. Brittany guesses correctly: " It is of course "love" and thus Will reveals the logical assignment: ND will split into pairs and one will sing to the other what they deem to be the world's best love song. Finnegan, after saying it's been a whole week without ND tasting the Big Quenches, decides that he's taking advantage of his regained popularity and is going to raise money by opening a kissing booth, charging a buck per kiss.

We are in the hallway where Finn struts; seems with a conference championship win his popularity has gone through the roof. That or he's a masochist who gets off on being insulted. Anyway, Puck's enamored, Zizes is perplexed, especially by his affections and the sub-par candies she imbibed. We start the second half of Season 2 and the Season 2 Valentine Episode with a Puck V/O; seems the resident Casanova's fallen again; before the gleeks worry it'll be a love square with Sam/Finn/Quinn, it's revealed to be one Lauren Zizes. In any case, it turns out that size does not begat prowess at Seven Minutes in Heaven, Zizes apparently rocking Puck's world.To be honest, Will, Iā€™m having a really difficult time hearing anything you say today, because your hair looks like a briar patch. I was on the strike team in Panama when we extracted Noriega. Following their romantic duet, and equally swoon-worthy smooch, it's time to make the case for "Samchel"... Written for Novice242, winner of my Support Stacie Auction.