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I remember when I told my mother that my wife was moving out. Another time I was at a party not long after we separated and it was as if everyone was viewing me like a mentally ill patient, looking for any signs of an impending breakdown. If those early years in our 20s could be compared to skipping along on a neatly laid path, then by the time we reached our late 30s, it felt as though we were wheezing through the Gobi wilderness, parched and hopelessly lost with no clue how we got there. Somewhere in my mind’s eye, a little Facebook icon flashed up: ‘You and your wife are no longer friends.’We weren’t totally out of touch.

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(Brad's team, the Detroit Tigers, made the playoffs, although they were knocked out by the Texas Rangers on Oct.

15.) So does she feel sad that plans have come to a halt? "I'm giving myself the opportunity to enjoy both as opposed to stressing about it.

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Karina Smirnoff thinks her love interest on "Famously Single" is “self absorbed” in Too Fab's exclusive clip from Sunday's episode.

The intense conversation begins when Chad Johnson awkwardly mentions during a date that he’s scared of what would come if she falls for him, but he can't return her affection.

and of course, getting to kick the guy's ass who clearly would have pummeled me in a real life fight—pretty good, too! Can you tell us something about Pat Morita that many people may not know? He knew way before I did how special our onscreen chemistry was. Then to fill the creative void after it had ended, I decided to write a film role for my dance partner, Karina Smirnoff, and we shot a beautiful short story together (You’re known for your ridiculously youthful genes. If you weren’t an actor, what do you think you’d be doing? Maybe tasting great wine or eating great food for a living could work. My short film, is an indie film I did with Olympia Dukakis, F.

How did your experience in movies differ from that in TV? There's little that compares with the thrill of a hit major motion picture experience. and that was the right time and right place for me!