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Alexandre Julliard (128): setupx: Pass 0 as instance to Install Hinf Section A.shell32: Use the module instance instead of that of the owner window for the about dialog.DVD Shrink is capable of both re-authoring and re-encoding the movie.It features an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to choose what to keep, and what to lose.It can be used to image any DVD, but controversially it is especially useful for decrypting copy protected movies. Content Scrambling System (CSS) decrypting software (such as DVD Decrypter and Any DVD) allows a region-specific DVD to be copied as an all-region DVD.

The source is available from the following locations: Binary packages for various distributions will be available from: You will find documentation on You can also get the current source directly from the git repository. Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. Perseus Mandate demo fails to launch 10408 Shanghai Alice games: text background doesn't alpha 10642 Gothic crashes on startup: err:msvcrt:symbol_demangle Unknown operator: _R 11415 Word 2000 VBA editor and macros errors 11788 Icewind Dale crashes when starting 12876 u Torrent 1.7.7 exited (or minimized) to tray err's 12929 Games crash/wined3d doesn't work with ATI's fglrx driver 12939 Selection using control key and mouse button does not work 13305 Open GL Direct Draw Renderer renders black screen only 13352 Microsoft Office 2003: option to ' Install entire feature' is not available when custom install is used 13692 failed to crosscompile (dogfood) 13908 Office 2003 fails to set icons 13983 Acclaim Entertainment Re-Volt PC Game: Audio Drivers and some Direct3d issues 13986 Hitman: Codename 47 b192 crashes when starting a level 14168 visual studio 2005 installer too slow, msi O(n^2) behavior?For example, (say) if it has trouble reading a DVD - such as when there is a small scratch.In those cases, sometimes DVD Decrypter can successfully read the disk.it contains useful tips and information that you will still need to know in order to achieve desired results.One thing the Wiki does not mention is how to mux audio with re-encoding it (this is especially useful when you want to keep the original AC3/DTS audio track).wined3d: Added further Nvidia Geforce 8xxx detection.