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Hi; I have a new ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard, with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor. -- Regards Bill -- fedora-list mailing list [hidden email] To unsubscribe: https:// ---- the reasons for installing n Vidia's binary drivers would likely be the desire to run 3D video games or use 3D desktop effects (i.e.This motherboard has an integrated NVIDIA Geforce 6 graphics chip. Beryl) because the open source 'nv' driver doesn't do 3D...otherwise, it's not necessary.

The recommended update mechanism for Fedora (since about Core 3 or 4) is yum, and there are various sources that tell you how to add the livna repositories to the places that yum will use to obtain (and keep current) whatever things you are interested in.

Following the Livna instructions for installing the driver for your kernel. If, after studying the instructions from Livna, you still have questions, return here. A quick google show that your card is supported by the n Vidia-96.43 driver.

BUT (and an important BUT), do not get the driver from the n Vidia site. Your driver in rpm form (the package manager for Fedora) is there.

I am running F-7-i386 and using the "nv" driver for the graphics card. Should I just leave the "nv" driver well enough alone ? Will I get noticeably better performance downloading the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1-pkg1from the NVIDIA site ? presuming that you have livna configured, it would seem that simply doing 'yum install kmod-nvidia' should be sufficient to install it.

I thought it would be easier to just layout my problem and start with a clean set of answers.