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To explore the relationship between hormones and communication decisions, she looked at what people talked about during PCTI as well as ‘one important variable [that] was likely influencing this whole process – orgasm.’ Both men and women experience a post-climax oxytocin surge but testosterone is believed to dampen the effects so that men typically fell less warm and fuzzy after sex.

A polarised view of crystals of Oxytocin is pictured Professor Denes believes that oxytocin is the reason why, as women who climax have more of the hormone in their systems, which increases feelings of trust and connection, than women who did not, influencing individuals’ decisions to talk about their feelings to their partners.‘A woman could be pregnant.

Newcomers Nadia Davids, Ekow Duker and Masande Ntshanga made the list with their debut novels, An Imperfect Blessing, Dying in New York and The Reactive.

Helena S Paige, the pen name of Helen Moffett, Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick, is on the list for her series of choose-your-own-erotic-adventure novels – A Girl Walks into a Bar, A Girl Walks into a Wedding and A Girl Walks into a Blind Date.

The Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Connecticut, became interested in investigating the role of pillow talk in relationships as people have such different experiences of it.

Many people said they open up about their feelings to a partner after sex regardless of the length of a relationship – a time period described as the post-coital time interval (PCTI) by researchers Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes.‘Why were some people sharing their innermost feelings, even when they knew the relationship had not yet reached that level?

Briana later attended the Putney School in Vermont where her classmate Peggy Seeger introduced her to the music of Pete Seeger, sparking a lifelong fascination with folk music.

Futhi Ntshingila’s second novel, Do Not Go Gentle, and Niq Mhlongo’s third, Way Back Home, also made the list, along with Adults Only, edited by Joanne Hichens, Bad Sex by Leon de Kock, Sister-Sister by Rachel Zadok, Finding Soutbek by Karen Jennings and Penumbra by Songeziwe Mahlangu.

Poetry Letter to South Africa: Poets Calling the State to Order appears in the poetry category, which includes poems by South African poets in English, Afrikaans, isi Xhosa and Sepedi, with English translations.

BRIANA BURNS was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1935 to Charles and Ethel (Bentz) Burns.

From an early age Briana loved nature and science; her parents were ahead of their time in encouraging her to pursue her interests regardless of whether they suited expected gender roles of her generation.