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She's just made three new male friends and has eight message threads going with other potentials. At 35, she's old enough to know what dating was like pre-Facebook and the likes of Tinder and Ok Cupid."Before the Internet and mobile phones, men took time to get to know me," says the art gallerist.Tinder, Ok Cupid and made-in-Singapore apps like Lunch Click and Paktor help singles seek potential partners near the location they happen to be in.These apps owe a debt to Grindr, an older mobile phone app for gay men to find romantic matches in their neighbourhoods.For individuals 21 years and above who are: Single and can’t seem to find that right person and age is catching up Single and successful and want to find someone genuine Single professional with no time to look for a partner and need help with the pre-screening Single again and want to start over but do not know where to start Gina Dhaliwal is well known for her radio stint and TV shows.Yes, the RJ of THR Hindipower and VJ for Irama Bollywood embarked on this project after doing a quick survey and found that many singles and the single- again do not know where to start to look for a partner. Dating is made smoother with the Elite Singles app – we‘ve streamlined our dating platform to make it easier for ambitious, single professionals to balance life and love.

Since it was launched in 2012 in the US, its popularity has spread to all corners of the world - even in repressive regimes where singles once found it impossible to socialise romantically.Violet explains that unlike other apps where users have to use open chat to try to arrange for a date, Lunch Click users can quickly propose a date by choosing a café/restaurant, and propose 3 options for date/time.“Having been in the dating industry for 10 years, we understand singles’ needs and wants.We are based in Malaysia with offices in the region.We are open exclusively to all Punjabis, Sikhs, Malayalees, Telugus, Gujeratis, Ceylonese, Tamils, Benggalis, Sindhis, Brahmins, Indian Christians, Indian Muslims, Punjabi Muslims, Pakistani Muslims, Mixed Indians and others within the Indian race."We would go on at least three or four dates before either one of us decides it won't work out. Again and again, I find myself going on one-off dates where the men quickly decide within the hour - maybe even 30 minutes - that we shouldn't see each other again.