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His tree included all eight of his great-grandparents, some of his 2nd-great-grandparents and dozens of aunts and uncles and cousins.

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And wherever warriors and traders travel, they mix with the local women; and the results are evident in the faces, personalities, and beauty of the women you find from the Ukraine to Russia to the Czech Republic. You also get a culture that still lionizes family and society closeness. Well, my friend, you can still experience that in many places in Eastern Europe. Its history is rich with intrigue, mystery, art, culture, and many, many wars.Go to any public square on a July night, and you'll see whole families, from grandparents to babies, sitting and eating, drinking, and laughing together. So, let's zero in on specific countries and see what delights you can find in a couple of the area's best hunting grounds. Did you know Russia has nine time zones, and before some consolidation in March 2010, they had 11? The Russian psyche pulses with these influences, as much today as in years gone by.Bama, 40 miles east of the capital of Borno state, Maiduguri, was recaptured by Nigerian forces in March after a protracted battle in partnership with Chad and Niger.Satellite images show catastrophic devastation wreaked by Boko Haram.(Those with no BDSM experience, or who characterize themselves as merely "curious," are welcome on Whiplr, too.) Whiplr has "kink categories" — "fashion," "objects," "behavior," "materials," "accessories," and "sounds" — but declines to define them, which is confusing (if you like to use floggers with a partner, where exactly does that fall, for example? Daniel Sevitt, Whiplr's chief communications officer, tells us that the categories were left intentionally vague: "We believe that kink takes many forms, and we wanted to keep these categories as broad as possible.That way, our users can self-define any way they choose and can align themselves with other fetish lovers across a wide range." True — asking Knotty Babe69 exactly what she means when she says she's into "fashion" one way to start a conversation.Most of the town was destroyed by retreating fighters who killed thousands of civilians.

“Abducted men and boys were forced to provide services for Boko Haram or to join them as fighters.”Nigeria’s President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has vowed to drive the Islamic insurgency out of his country, which has seen its north-eastern region and borders with Chad, Cameroon and Niger destabilised over the past six years.

Think of Fet Life as the Ok Cupid of the kink world, and Whiplr as its would-be Tinder.

Plus, entering the BDSM community by way of a streamlined, beginner-friendly app may appeal to novices who are intimidated by deciphering Fet Life's etiquette and codes of conduct.

They will sense your weakness and punish you for it. There is nothing better than a dominatrix strutting her stuff, dominating her submissive slave!

They expect to tell their submissive slaves exactly what they want them to do.