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Over the weekend, the 44-year-old rapper was spotted at the grand opening of the Yetunde Price Resource Center, an organization which offers assistance to victims of violence founded by Serena and sister Venus Williams.

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Many of us are addicted to our technological devices.

And although Omo II, which consists of just a skull with no face, has more primitive features, Fleagle maintains that it is still best assigned to —to be far older than his date for Adam.

tend to think we own good health and longevity, the truth might surprise you – the small, remote island of Okinawa, Japan, is where you’ll find the world’s largest population of healthy older adults.

The top five Blue Zones may be relatively isolated and scattered around the globe, but here’s what they have in common, according to the New York Times: Read on to find out more about what these 10 places around the world are doing right.

We are an inspiring fine dining establishment for the mature adult crowd including couples and singles.

If you are wanting to have a business lunch and share a meal with partners and future partners, we are the perfect place to “break bread” and seal the deal.