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Not getting the results you want online or meeting your kind of people in person? I spent nearly 9 years in the post-divorce dating world in my 40s and had dozens of dates (until I met my second husband at age 50), so I know what it takes to meet great people.
You can’t do that, make it a priority to talk to the person.” “Follow up if you said you would.

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Well, for one thing, Americans are living longer in better health.

As a result, more are remaining sexually active well into the golden years.

The Department of Health and Human Services notes that 2.2 million Medicare beneficiaries received free STD screenings and counseling sessions in 20—about the same number that got colonoscopies. Disturbingly, 27 percent of new AIDS diagnoses in the US in 2013 were among people age 50 or older.

Karen Shea, nurse practitioner and director of medical standards at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, breaks it all down for us. Don't hold off on the conversation until you've done the deed, and then panic all night that you might have been exposed to something. Shea answers all the rest of your questions below:1. Don't men get tested at their annual physicals, like women do at the gynecologist?

"Not enough men get the checkups and preventive care they need," Shea says.

And even if he did have a physical this year, "Not all medical checkups include STD testing, so unless you ask to be tested, you can't assume you have been." Plus, he might have hooked up with five different women since his last test.3.

Herpes and HPV are so common, is it even possible to avoid them?