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The Fund currently borrows money under a credit facility and the dollar balance and percentage amounts of financial leverage of the Fund outstanding as of any particular date are detailed above under “Financial Leverage.” The use of leverage can create special risks and there can be no assurance a leveraging strategy will be successful during any period in which it is employed.

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Drawn on the principle that a minimum of lines and a maximum of description are the best aid to the imagination, this plan of Southwark indicates the main routes of thoroughfare with a few bold strokes, and then tills in the blanks with queer little drawings of churches and inns, the former depicted in delightfully distorted perspective and the latter by two or three half-circular strokes.

That there may be no confusion between church and inn, the possibility of which is suggested by the fact that several of the latter are adorned with spire-like embellishments, the sixteenth-century cartographer told which were which in so many words.